Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life Changes - Passages - Should I Write a Book?

  • OK - It's already been written.
  • Anyway, I love this picture for so many reasons. First of all, I am the adorable young child looking at the camera. The other child is my much older sister. We are standing over with my aunt who prepared this lovely dinner. (Notice there is no place for us children at the table. I'm guessing we had already eaten or were being sent to eat in the kitchen.) My mother is the one looking at the camera and Dad is beside her. Across the table are my cousin and his girlfriend. My uncle took the picture. I remember eating with Mom's or Dad's family all the time. We didn't have to have a holiday or special occasion, we just did it.
  • The china on the table belonged to my paternal grandmother - more about her later - maybe next post. I digress... Back to passages - my sister is now packing this very china up to be handed down to my great niece, her granddaughter, who is now the age my sister was in this picture. I love the way we do that here in the South.. My great niece already needs a china cabinet and she's not even ten years old yet. What a very lucky little girl! (This china came from her great, great grandmother!)
  • I love the watch chain you see on Dad's pants. His pocket watches are very special to us!
  • I love the color of the walls in my Aunt's dining room. I love the drapes. Note the battenburg table cloth - I must have inherited that gene from her. I remember that house and all the good times I had there. This was a cooking Auntie. She would let us watch and help and I know I learned a lot from her.
  • I love my family. They are rich blessings in my life. So we pack up the china and turn another page in the family history book. I love this story...


southernjoy said...

Such beautiful memories to treasure! My most treasured things are the ones that have been passed down. As a matter of fact, not much in this house of ours is just OURS. Many things belonged to family before us, which makes them all the more special. Give me old and scratched furniture any day over shiny and new. I like to see the memories!

DrW said...

Somehow I KNEW you would understand this one!

Susan said...

One picture is worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumes. Some of my favorite memories center around my grandmother's table, eating from her Jewel Tea dishes. Yes, you should write a book and pass along to your family!

DrW said...

I may make them an e-scrapbook of photo treasures and stories. I would love it and they would too.

Thank you!