Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thank God for Christmas!

This year Christmas has been so full of so many special gifts. Here are a few:

  • Much of my family is close by and we enjoy being together - especially at Christmas - over a puzzle that's too hard for one but just right for all of us; over Christmas cookies that looked horrible last year and pretty fantastic this year;

  • Health and happiness - what rich blessings!

  • Mom and Dad - how special each day is with them!

  • My sister who looks great in majorette boots - tassles or fringe - she wears them both well. And the new tiara that just finishes the outfit. For my brother-in-law who loves her.

  • My nephews - so different and so wonderful.

  • Great niece and nephew - thanks to my much older sister.

  • My boy - the Yorkie - a 12 year old sweetie!
  • My sweet friends - all so unique - who add so many dimensions to my life!
  • And a Christmas magnolia flower on my baby magnolia tree!

In the hustle of the trips to the airport and videos from Tahoe and brunches and Christmas cookies and puzzles and 1st grade Santas, I pause and look at my Nativity and remember the real Gift of love - the greatest love story of all times. I pray I never forget it or lose sight of it.


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southernjoy said...

And another AMEN from me! Sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas.